2017 White seabass smackdown

West Coast represent! Remember be vague on spots!

2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby dam » February 4th, 2017, 9:22 pm

Okay, with all the kelp coming back, maybe this will be a banner year for us. Although if my sources are correct, some of you wished I would've started this smackdown a month ago... :eek3dance:

Remember to read the rules below or you may be disqualified. The most important things to remember are:
1. You have to be an active member of spearingforum.com.
2. you have to submit a pix of your fish with at least a short story and it has to be shot before the deadline of the tournament (and also posted before the end of the tournament)
3. you have to have a WHOLE weight of your fish on a digital scale.
4. Unlike the yellowtail smackdown, you may shoot your white seabass (Atractoscion nobilis species only) anywhere they live including Baja! But they have to be the correct species and if you throw down a big one and I notice the tail is convex and not concave (indicating your cheating ass tried to fool the marine biologist fish killer with a totoaba) I'll ban you back to weirdboard .

Current Standings/list of big fish (We will update this as the tourney goes on):
Jeff Barbarian 66.6lbs
James Grover 61.8

List of Confirmed Participants (suckers who sent in their money):

Chris Oak - odds favorite
Dam New-Gen
Joe Newlan
Darian Schramm
Ryan Pettit
Bill McIntyre
Joel Oldendick
Mike Mesri
Jeff Bilhorn
Alexandra Reynita
Corey Fujita
Jeff Barr
John Hughes
Joe Zambrano
James Grover
Captain Ron
Dave Rice
Mike Raab

The rules:
One winner only, the largest fish by weight wins. White Seabass are the only fish that are eligible and must be taken by spear (no hook and line). Sorry you will have to submit your opaleye and barred sand bass entry another time.

In order to submit your catch you will have to have a WHOLE weight via digital scale to qualify. THIS MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT. You may also have a gutted weight for reference but only WHOLE weights will be counted. If possible a length would be good to have but not necessary for qualifying. YOU MUST submit a pix of your fish to the california section of our forum. It's not that we don't believe you, it's because you are filthy liar. You may submit as many fish as you want, however only your biggest fish will qualify you against the rest of the group. You may invite any of your friends who are not assholes to compete, the larger the pot the better it will be for donations. If we missed any info we will vote on things to keep it fair.

Winner gets to donate half the cash in the pot and can keep the other half or donate it (minus any paypal fees that we incur if you screw up in the registration process). In case of any cancellation, you will be refunded your money minus the fees. You can keep half the pot but the other half gets donated to any organization that helps out white seabass or spearos (PIER, hubbs, watermans alliance, etc). If you tell us that you want your donation to go to heal the bay, peta or any other abnormal group we will instead do a lifetime subscription to "tiger beat" magazine or "granny transvestites" monthly for you.

Entry Fee/payment info:
NEW CHANGE: Paypal email address has been changed to spearingforum.com. Also, YOU MAY ENTER AT ANY TIME, THIS IS BASED ON THE HONOR SYSTEM.

YOU WILL HAVE TO LOG INTO PAYPAL.COM and do a personal money transfer (if you have your checking account set up then they will not charge you fees). If you only have your credit card on file they will charge you a small transaction fee. If you happen to live by us you can drop off cash or have your buddies drop it off. We hate checks but if you are computer illiterate then you can mail us one, we hate going to the bank because we don't trust "the man".

Here's the PAYPAL instructions:

log into http://paypal.com and enter your account info (or make an account)
click on "pay or send money"
click on "send money to friends or family"
under TO type in: spearingforum@gmail.com
under "AMOUNT" type in : $10.00
click on "next"

the next page is a review page. Double check the amount being sent, BEFORE YOU CLICK ON "SEND" MAKE SURE YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:

In the "MESSAGE (optional)" box type in:

2017 white seabass fundraiser
Your name
Your email address and telephone number

Then Click "SEND"

As soon as we get verification that you sent in the entry fee we'll post your name up on the list here. Every few days we'll update the list here with the participants names and we'll keep a scoreboard going as well. The tournament begins on February 5, 2017 and ends on September 1, 2017.

We expect a lot of trash talking, finger pointing, but not cheating.

For this competition the main rules are as follows. You must shoot your own fish. If you have to put a second shot in the fish, you have to do it, your friend cannot swim down and shoot the fish for you. You can wear a scuba tank if you need to in case you have to cut said fish out, you can even wear the tank to put a second shot into the fish yourself. If you can't get down to the fish you can have your buddy cut it out for you, this fish is still eligible. BUT if HE has to put a second shot into it that fish is not eligible for entry. You can shoot a fish from the surface, but you cannot shoot it from the safety of a boat (i.e. you have to be in the water).

Please realize most of these rules won't ever come up, but if they do you have to use these fair guidelines. If you do not agree with this, it is okay to withdraw your entry and we will refund your money and there will be no hard feelings on my part.

We just want you guys to dive safe, we didn't start this board to promote unsafe diving. We also don't want to get into any elitist bs about the purity of spearfishing and how your way is better than my way. Just dive safe and come home, no fish is worth risking your life for.
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Re: 2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby dam » September 9th, 2017, 5:42 pm

Shit, forgot about this but our resident nerd won the seabass smackdown. Congratulations to Jeff Barrbarr!
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Re: 2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby Bill McIntyre » September 10th, 2017, 8:31 am

Way to go Jeff!

Win the smackdown and finish your PhD all in the same week.
email me at wsbhtr@cox.net
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Re: 2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby Alex Ray » September 10th, 2017, 8:45 am

Dr. Bobby J Barr, King of The Smack!

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Re: 2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby Jeff B » September 10th, 2017, 9:01 am

Haha thanks guys, I had kinda forgotten about it too until Dam brought it up last night. I can't believe that fish held up all season. I know several other bigger ones were taken, guess they just didn't get entered?

Yah Bill, it's been a crazy couple months. My gills are super dry and crusty, time to finally get back in the water!
- Jeff Barr
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Re: 2017 White seabass smackdown

Postby chris oak » September 10th, 2017, 9:14 am

Dang Dr. Barr, some guys asked me about that yesterday and I thought it ended in September. Congrats, I'll contact you shortly and see where you want the donation part to go to.
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