Write letters opposing full abalone closure

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Write letters opposing full abalone closure

Postby Matt mattison » October 5th, 2017, 9:22 am

Hey all my abalone diving friends and lovers !!! we really need you to write letters to the MRC commissioners on the proposed abalone reductions I'd suggest writing the commission and DFW and ask them to do anything to avoid full closure. If you have a preference of these management methods I'd state that as well. management options: Full closure, limit daily and annual take, limit card sales, open Fort Ross to ease pressure on other sites, increase size limit. The commission will make a motion based on these options at the October meeting in Atascadero Send emails and letters to fgc@fgc.ca.gov here is the letter I emailed tot hem feel free o use it and change it

Send emails and letters to fgc@fgc.ca.gov

Hello MRC commissioners,

My name is Matt Mattison I am an avid abalone diver as well as founder of the Norcal Underwater Hunters dive forum with over 1200 members and Sonoma coast native, I have been diving for abalone since I was 5 years old with my dad and family. It is part of my families culture and always will be. I am writing to address my concerns and thoughts on the abalone fishery. As I stated I have been diving and rock picking for over 35 years and yes there is issues going on out there but not all is lost and all is bad and if you look recently you cansee the kelp is starting to grow back all up and down the coast. There are areas that are healthy and fine. As we all have admitted this is a nature / environment caused problem not human take problem. As we all know the current FMP/ARMP is faulty and lacking at best !!! I would like to stress THAT I DO NOT SUPPORT FISHERY CLOSURE !!! I feel we need to do anything we can to avoid that as it will hurt ca, the local coastal communities and huge impact the coastal economy !! Plus with the current ARMP it will never re-open. I would like to see you consider these options, 3 a day 9 a year, or 2 a day 6 a year and open up the Fort Ross closure to elevate pressure in the harder hit areas and limit card sales as well as maybe consider as a requirement to purchase ab card each diver must remove and submit to DFW one full limit of sea urchins to qualify to buy an ab card, by doing that you accomplish to things removal of the urchin and I promise not all divers will want to take that extra step to get the 35 urchins to get there ab card and there you have reduced ab card sales

Sincerely Matt Mattison

Founder / Owner of Norcal Underwater Hunters Dive forum

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