2018 Kirk McNulty White Seabass Classic Registration

West Coast represent! Remember be vague on spots!

2018 Kirk McNulty White Seabass Classic Registration

Postby chris oak » February 11th, 2018, 11:56 am


Fyi this is a separate tournament than our own WSB Smackdown, but if you follow the rules of both tournaments and shoot your fish in the designated time frame you can win both tournaments with the same fish.

"The tournament honors the legacy of Kirk McNulty, a surfer, diver, brother, and son. Kirk was a world class waterman who was inspired by everything ocean. Although some of you may not have known Kirk we hope that you will participate as we are a small family of spearfishermen here on the West Coast. .

A $29.20 entry is required prior to spearing a fish.

Please join us in the 5th Annual tournament to celebrate Kirk's life and passion for the sea. Winners will be chosen by Top 3 Biggest Fish. In order to help further the efforts of White Seabass Hatchery Program led by Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute we have made it mandatory that fish heads are turned in to qualify your catch for placement (Drop off locations below). If the fish head(s) have been tagged an additional prize will be given and determined by the fish that has traveled the furthest from its grow out location. "
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