Halloween Lobster

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Halloween Lobster

Postby chris oak » October 30th, 2020, 1:24 pm

Well not halloween because it's tomorrow but close enough.

After a stressful week of having to worry about the blueridge fire burning my house, we finally got to go back home and "almost" resume life.  My kids school closed down because it was too close to the fire so for two days there was zero instruction (read:  parents become teachers) and then the last two days were home instruction only.  That pretty much killed any diving plans that I had.

With a small swell forecasted and no low tide, I was able to sneak away for a night dive after work.  I hate low tides because it always churns up the water and I slip all over those damn rocks as I'm trying to exit.  There have been so many new divers that Oaks Reef has been packed and luckily they are starting to get discouraged with their bags flapping in the wind as they depart.  The hoop netters also were not in my area which was a bonus, a week after the opener it was really bad and I had to dodge them constantly but today it was just me.   With the high tide filling up the rocks I ditched my scuba fins and brought the long fins for deeper water work.  I scooted out a half hour before dark and discovered a nice rocky reef in deep water.  I had two bugs in the bag and lost a real nice one before darkness hit and then that transition time had them moving around.  I always keep the dark waters light on low beam and just use the edge of the light when I'm peeping them out and then use the high beam to scan for structure and it's been working great.  I had 6 in 45 minutes and they were all solid and hanging out either in deep caves or just at the entrances.  I was getting a little tired of deeper dives so I tried the shallows but it was barren except for shorts.  I wanted to fill out my limit with a nicer bug so I kept working the deep and finally snatched a fat one about an hour later.  

Victory at sea, I kicked back to my entry spot and slid right into the shallows without getting pummeled.  Poseidon was nice to me and I started the walk up the hill with the bugs poking me in the back with the mutiny bag stretched out to remind me they were there.  The grom was mad last week when I made that lobster sandwich without him and we're distance learning again today so we'll have a couple of them for lunch. Here's the recipe: http://www.spearingforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8325
Fall is here guys, hope everyone is getting time in the water.
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