Looking for dive buddies in Hawaii Jan-Feb 2016

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Looking for dive buddies in Hawaii Jan-Feb 2016

Postby Zpearo » December 18th, 2015, 10:50 pm

I'm making a trip out to visit a friend on the Big Island and want to do some spearing while I'm out there. I'll be on Oahu from Jan 28-30 and Big Island Jan 31-Feb 4.

Looking for dive buddies, advice on safe shore entries & currents around the islands, where to rent/buy gear that I don't want to lug on the plane, and anything else useful! If you want to be my dive buddy out there, I'd be happy to take you out for some Central/Northern California diving if you come to the mainland.
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Re: Looking for dive buddies in Hawaii Jan-Feb 2016

Postby Huntress » January 2nd, 2016, 2:36 pm

Sorry to miss you I leave mid January. A group of free divers meet at an incredible freedive spot called 2step on Sunday's around 1:30. If you have training, you can usually join them on the line for practice. If not watch and learn.
I am selling my husbands spare back up spear gear. Rife Euro 120x with vertical reel, Riggs for both reef and blue water. Include ice pick breakaway, and flopper shaft, vertical rife reel, float line with rob Allen float and flag and med small wet suit, long fins basically everything you need for blue water. $550
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