Moana Waterman in Hawaii

Dive deep, throw sand, shoot fish, but above all respect the flag!

Moana Waterman in Hawaii

Postby Duff » February 23rd, 2016, 9:34 pm

Hey guys!

I dropped a post on instagram and facebook about my upcoming trip to hawaii but figured I would extend it here. I am going to all the shops, running demos, diving a lot and generally looking forward to enjoying not being in green California water.

If you have instagram or Facebook I will be posting details on those platforms and updating exact dates and times of festivities.

I'll be in kona for a couple weeks, then over to Oahu, then Maui so there will be opportunity to try out our fins for a demo. I'm bringing each of our flexes so you can try whatever you like.

I'll try to keep this updated with information, pictures etc.

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