Bali Spearfishing 5-11 August 2016

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Bali Spearfishing 5-11 August 2016

Postby MickyT » June 30th, 2016, 9:18 pm

Hi everyone,

I have my ticket to go Spearfishing in Bali and freediving there. Plan is
4th Arrival in Bali,
5th Spearfishing in South Bali
6/7/8 Go north Bali for 3 days freediving course, increase capacity underwater and learn more technics
9/10/11 Spearfishing in fads, islands, or anywhere.
11th evening flight for me, but you can stay more.
Im not interested to make money on the trip, just share experience, hit big fishes, and share boat cost. It costs around 120 to 150 USD per day per person for spearfishing if we are 2. Less if we are 3 !

If you are interested, you can PM me or reply here.


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