WTT: soft Spearpro carbon fins

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WTT: soft Spearpro carbon fins

Postby rcad03 » January 10th, 2019, 1:52 pm

I know the chances are pretty slim but is anyone interested in trading fins? I have soft,carbon Spearpro fins in pathos pockets size 46-48 in excellent condition. The fins are really light and soft. I am looking for similar quality fins in a medium stiffness (pathos pockets would be awesome but I am open to other options). I actually really like the fins (super comfortable) but being a bit bigger, I’d like to have slightly stiffer fins to push me around at depth or in currents. I actually wish I’d gotten the same blades in medium stiffness when I purchased them but I was replacing soft fiberglass fins before and figured they were comparable (these are softer).

The blades are glued in and I don’t know if they can be separated and keep pockets and blades in good condition/usable (I will bring it to the shop that glued them to see if no one is interested in a trade). If anyone has experience successfully separating them, please let me know.

Alternatively, if someone is interested in buying them off me, just contact me via pm and we can discuss it. Thanks for looking.

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