Pathos Carbon 120 [SOLD]

Sell it, borrow, beg and steal. Okay maybe not steal.

Pathos Carbon 120 [SOLD]

Postby scorpaenichthys » January 30th, 2021, 12:25 pm

Pathos Laser Carbon 120 with 50m Pathos reel. The reel is spooled with DarkWaters dyneema. It's rocking hot 14mm small i.d. bands tied fresh in September. Shaft is a 7.5mm offset double flopper from Red Tide.

I replaced the sear and trigger with the standard ErmesSub upgrade (thicker sear and smoother release), but the handle has been sanded to accept a side line release if that's the route you want to go (side line release not included). SOLD. Located in SF Bay Area but would ship if buyer covers the cost.
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