Skipjack 24 Open Restoration Project

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Re: Skipjack 24 Open Restoration Project

Postby Mahtzo Lou » June 25th, 2017, 10:03 pm

Pretty darn impressive Todd! Your work is say the least!
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Re: Skipjack 24 Open Restoration Project

Postby gringo sushi » June 29th, 2017, 12:44 am

Thanks Lou

Since the last post I backed off on making headway to take a break and put some time in on getting the garden into shape. A couple of things happened to get me fired back up to get her done...

Last week I picked up the new motor (5.7 liter V8 DPI from Marine Power):

Then Monday the pilot house windows delivered:

With my new found motivation I have jumped back into it and am about half done with the paint prep of the hull and cap:

Decided to sand off the deck surface and re-texture with non skid treatment and also patched old anchor line pass through and horizontal windlass hole to prep for installation of new vertical windlass (pro-fish free fall):

Plan from here is to complete gel coating (inside) and paint (outside), reinstall pilot house and furniture, install motor, and then jump into installation of electrical, plumbing and electronics. No telling when all of that will be done. Still enjoying the process but really ready to be finished.
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Re: Skipjack 24 Open Restoration Project

Postby 32juan » July 5th, 2017, 11:43 am

I really enjoyed talking about this project with you at the BWM. Glad to see that it's coming along, and be careful with those fumes!!!!
Juan-Carlos Aguilar
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