Hydraulic Steering Fluid Option- Save$

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Hydraulic Steering Fluid Option- Save$

Postby gringo sushi » October 27th, 2017, 6:38 pm

Handy info for anyone needing to flush and refill their hydraulic steering fluid. Especially if you have a multi-helm config that takes a lot of fluid:

Sea Star brand fluid on amazon runs around $25 per quart. Needing 2-3 quarts for my system and knowing that these guys are not refining their own product I did some homework to find that same product (AeroShell Mil-PRF-5606H) from an aerospace lubricant supplier.

The smallest container they sell is 1 gallon but it was only $42 including shipping. The one issue I had is that it comes in a sealed can that you open with a church key so there is no way to store the extra in the original container. I used an empty gallon 2 stroke oil bottle to save the excess.

http://petroleumservicecompany.com/aero ... allon-can/

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