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Postby Joshrau » October 27th, 2019, 11:17 am

Hello all. Im in the bay area, usually spearfish norcal, but sometimes monterey. Been spearfishing about 20 years. Dont get out as often as I would like, such is life!
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Re: Introduction

Postby Bill Fkn McIntyre » October 27th, 2019, 11:40 am

Welcome. Most of us don't get out as often as we'd like. :)
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Re: Introduction

Postby Donzi Paul » October 27th, 2019, 6:09 pm

Welcome mate.

Cheers Don
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Re: Introduction

Postby Alex Ray » October 27th, 2019, 6:50 pm

Bill McIntyre wrote:Welcome. Most of us don't get out as often as we'd like. :)

Or sometimes even half as much as we’d like...
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