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Postby Dirtywaterspero » August 21st, 2019, 7:31 am

Hi all. New here! Thank you for having me. Currently residing in Cleveland Ohio. Considering relocating. Like Florida, Tampa area. Would anyone know if this area will provide opportunities for learning spearfishing? Or, would i be better living on the Atlantic coast of Florida.
Thank you. DWS
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Re: Relocate

Postby dam » August 21st, 2019, 8:02 am

Hello and welcome. I know jack about the least coast but hopefully someone over there can jump in and help you out!
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Re: Relocate

Postby kathy » September 3rd, 2019, 4:30 pm

Oh hi!
I'm a Florida girl stuck with a happy life in Northern Cal, but I do love my home state.
Have you made a decision yet? Consider checking out the area around Crystal River / Homosassa.

We dove there recently and all I will say is we saw some really nice fish in ~8 feet of water that would have been great sporting and great eating fish.

(of course - everyone sees great fish when they don't have their gun with them)

If you're interested I can PM you a contact if you want to visit that area and get a feel for it.

That's not the coast I grew up on but we love visiting there. It is a very easy-going community, about an hour north of Tampa, clear water, tons of wildlife...good food and great above water fishing too. And a good jumping-off point to drive ~3 hours across the state for good east coast conditions, or north to the panhandle.....

Good luck! I wish I could move there a lot of the time, esp when I am stuck in Bay Area traffic with fog ripping across the 80 and wind howling and crazy 4$ GAS and people who don't understand how to make a proper ice tea.

Of course, you should also be ready for the reality of living with hurricanes and mosquitoes. Let us know where you end up.
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Re: Relocate

Postby STaylor » June 20th, 2020, 6:06 am

Obviously a late post (I am a new forum members), but replying in case you haven't pulled the trigger yet.

I've grown up in FL and live in St. Pete. The Tampa Bay area has some of the best spearfishing you fill find. There are at least 7 major artificial reefs in Pinellas county within 10 miles of shore... yes, the gulf is shallow except up North, and it requires 10 miles to get to 50'. But, there variety of fish you can shoot is incredible. And the fact you can dive year round in a 3mil is definite plus.

The Crystal River area is great too, but depending on what you do for work, you may have trouble finding work there as it is much quieter.

Good luck and you are welcome to reach out if you need more info.
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Re: Relocate

Postby Bill McIntyre » June 20th, 2020, 11:55 am

I was as born and raised in St Pete and started diving there in the early 1950s. Most of it was in Tampa Bay where the visibility can be poor. Boats were slow and we didn't have GPS or even depth sounders to find offshore spots. I'm sure there aren't as many fish as in the early 50s, but that's true anywhere. From all I've read the area still offers great spearfishing. The Crystal River Homosassa area would be great. I have faint memories of going up there and the water was much clearer and there was a lot of rock structure closer to shore, but if you have to make a living then that could be a problem.

The diving in Tampa Bay was mainly under bridges. I don't recall knowing of reef areas in the Bay, and my father was a fishing guide so he should have known of them if they were there. But just for old times sake, here is a fish from under Gandy Bridge when I was 14 in 1953. That is a drum, but there were also gag grouper, snook, and Goliath grouper under that bridge. Of course you can't spear snook or Goliath grouper now.

And the other photo is from a couple of years later with grouper, snook, and cobia taken under the Sunshine Skyway.

Edit- Oops, I didn't realize how old this thread was. The OP is probable long gone. Oh well, I got to post a couple ofd pics. :)
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