Embedding youtube

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Embedding youtube

Postby chris oak » December 4th, 2013, 4:49 pm

Per Dam's instructions:

Yes you can embed via youtube, you just have to copy the ending part of the video link, read here:

Since there are many ways to share a youtube link, it's hard to use just one set of BBCode that would handle all cases. I think the simplest way is to copy the youtube video ID and paste it inside [youtube][/youtube] tags

First, go to the address bar, you will see something that looks like this

Code: Select all

Copy everything after the ?v=
Select the part in red, right click + copy, or Ctrl + C (for Mac, cmd + C).


This is your video ID. In this case, it is QTB9u2AuzCA

When you're making a post, click on the youtube tag then paste the video ID inside these tags.
Paste by right click + paste, or Ctrl + V (for Mac, cmd + V)

You will have this:

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And this is the result:
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