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New to Spearfishing? Your first time here? Read all the FAQ's so you don't get flamed and banned!

Read this FIRST

Postby admin » June 27th, 2013, 2:32 pm

Welcome to! Like you, we want a clean forum with a bunch of great guys who are sharing info, teaching others, and keeping the sport clean.

You folks are hopefully going to make history. We plan to have a mix of users, some legends from the back when the freedive list was strong, to today's hot shots, to the newly hooked on spearfishing. You might bump into people here who you had quarreled with in the past. We ask only that everyone here start off fresh and that you be fair to your fellow spearos. Our goal is to bring back honor to the online world so that anyone who comes into contact with us will realize what we are really about.

Here's some general info to steer you in the right direction.

1. We are hoping this site will grow, but it doesn't mean that trolls and enviro spies aren't going to get in from time to time, be careful what you post. If you start talking about a mass of tear offs, if you ask "what fish is this" after you shot it, or you shoot something illegal you will be banned. At present time Calif Fish and Wildlife (used to be DFG) agrees that spearfishing has a very low impact on harvesting fish. Let's keep it that way. As an addition for those of you who are shore diving, KEEP IT LOW KEY. Don't wipe your feet off on peoples lawns, don't leave trash, don't make a lot of noise. If you disturb the residents they are going to go to the cities and shut down our parking and access.

2. BE CIVIL. Realize that you are not going to agree with what someone says 100% of the time. Expressing your opinion is healthy, but if you are an ass about it you can kiss your membership goodbye. Here's some news for you, we've got about 10 moderators in the California section alone and they are unmarked i.e. you won't know who the moderators are and the moderators don't even know who the other moderators are, they will delete threads if they go off target and will ban troublemakers on the spot.

3. Lurking is not encouraged, help contribute, help us grow!

4. Reports. Everyone loves to read reports. Do us all a favor, be VAGUE on where you went spearing, do not put actual spots like bird rock, etc. A general topic of "northern cali, southern cali or the islands" will get our blood pumping, no one wants a billion spearos converging on a spot. This goes for picts as well, try to mask off identifying marks the best you can, let everyone do their own homework, not get the free ride that most lurkers are looking for. Please don't be offended if the mods alter the backgrounds in your pictures or your exact spot names, we are just trying to keep it fair to everyone.

We also would rather you don't post duplicate reports. We definitely think you should post a report somewhere, you should choose where you want to post it. We like to look at our site as if it were a type of magazine, you wouldn't see the EXACT same article and pix printed in one magazine and then show up in another unless it was some type of advertisement.

5. While the site is young, feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We figure we will get a crowd of both the experienced and the new and we are especially hoping that everyone will get along. Eventually as we build up the database you'll be encouraged to use the search function. Keep in mind there are guys on here who have a lot of experience, new guys especially don't try telling people what to do if you haven't done it for a while.

6. Troll taming. If you come across as a troll, if you aren't following the rules, if you are just trying to provoke others your time here will be short lived. Regardless of what you got away with on other boards you will not get away with it here.

7. If you get banned for any reason it will be difficult to get you back in because it is a PITA for the programmers. Don't get banned because we don't want to deal with it and furthermore we won't deal with it.

In summary for the forgetful:
*Don't blow up spots by names or photographs.
* If you are trying to flame someone unprovoked - your post will be deleted. Consider this your first and only warning when you see this happen.
*Please don't double post.
* Offenders will be permanently yanked after the 2nd occasion WITHOUT notice. This will include any aliases you use as well as duplicate IP's.
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