Lets dive SoCal!

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Lets dive SoCal!

Postby kingfisherfleshy » May 29th, 2017, 7:25 am

Hey everyone,

Glad to have found this forum as an alternative to others that seem to mainly be about not sharing information/non spearfishing related topics. This is really refreshing.

Grew up freediving/spearfishing in Wisconsin, still go back to dive and spear Lake Michigan once a year. Moved to San Diego a little over a year ago, and then to LA for work five months after that. Have been getting in the water as much as possible and have had a great time and some success.

Not a crazy diver - but certified PFI level 1.

I am good for gas/drinks/food whatever it takes to get on a boat. More than happy to help set up, clean up, take down whatever needs to be done - and definitely looking for shore dive buddies as well.

All my gear is stored in my car, so if I get a call by 1 pm I can meet you somewhere by two.

Great to meet you all, and lets dive!

Here's some youtube love:


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