Miami Report 7/19 - Mahi and Yellowtail...

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Miami Report 7/19 - Mahi and Yellowtail...

Postby javimahi » July 21st, 2014, 5:40 am

Snapper...Sorry if I get any Cali guys excited! Went out Saturday with my brother to look for mahi in the morning then fish the reef and drift. I brought my gun and the bare essentials to do a little spearing if time permitted, no wetsuit required. We ran out to 600ft on a glass calm ocean and found a nice weedline with several birds working it so we lined up to the side and started trolling a couple rattlejets...about 2 minutes in and BAM! monster hit and the reel is absolutely screaming! The fish jumps and we can tell is a very nice mahi. ZZZZzzzzzzZZZ Another very nice run and several jumps later I'm having the time of my life :eusa-dance: This is by far the biggest mahi I have hooked. The fish seemed to have gassed out and went deep forcing me to pump and winch it up. With the fish nice and tired it did its final circle, my brother sunk the gaff and swung it head first into the fishbox but not without it slapping us a few times each with its tail. What a great fish and another memorable moment with my brother on our boat :hi5: .


We trolled the weedline some more but had to throw back several undersized fish. We decided to keep running out deeper to look for more birds and weeds. After making it out to 2000' and not so much as a wave in sight we made a u-turn and headed to the reef but not without stopping halfway in on a weed patch and trolling up a 5lb cow mahi. We continued on to the reef passing the same weedline in 600' but now with 20 boats working it. Anchoring in 60' with the fishfinder lit up and the chum flowing in a perfect north current the yellowtail (snapper :p) were flying into the cooler without needing to measure a single fish. When the first 25lb lock of chum ran out we had 15 fish in the cooler and would have had our limit if we hadn't gotten taxed so many times.


Oh well, we decided to hair hook a dozen ballyhoo and headed a little deeper to drift bottom and jig but the current was very slow and triggerfish were tearing up our baits all the way to the bottom in 120' :angry-cussingblack:

After an hour of nothing my brother gave me the go ahead to dive a bit...I jump in about 40' and first thing I see is a school of 10lb yellow jacks (an awesome fish for sashimi) but they were up current and after loading the gun and trying to swim up current they slowly out paced me and disappeared. I later saw possibly the same school of them but once again stayed up current and out of range. We moved to an inshore patch with great vis and tons of reef life including a 6' bull shark that cruised on by as I laid on the bottom. I ended up with a small mutton and later a hogfish on another patch and called it a day. Unfortunately I forgot to get a pic of them but nothing to brag about. Overall a great day on a beautiful waveless ocean with my brother, definitely making all the friends we called pretty jealous for not coming along :D
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Re: Miami Report 7/19 - Mahi and Yellowtail...

Postby Smudge » July 23rd, 2014, 1:26 pm

Looks like one of your yellowtails got resized by the tax man! Doh! Nice work and I need to get my ass offshore! LOL
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Re: Miami Report 7/19 - Mahi and Yellowtail...

Postby sweetescape » August 20th, 2014, 8:15 pm

Now that's one of the reasons why I wanted to learn spearfishing. Aside from being underwater and the feel of adventure, catching giants like that enticed me to give it a go.
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Re: Miami Report 7/19 - Mahi and Yellowtail...

Postby db1 » November 1st, 2014, 8:52 am

Sounds like an epic day!
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