2017 lionfish derbies? Anyone participating?

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2017 lionfish derbies? Anyone participating?

Postby kathy » January 29th, 2017, 12:45 pm

We are planning out our Florida trips for this year and one thought I had was to try and line up one of them so I could participate in either one of the keys or palm beach lionfish derbies. Wondering if anyone here participates in these or can answer some questions for me:

Can freedivers participate in these tourneys?

Are there ways to join a team as a single diver?

Best / worst time of year for these tourneys? (Asking because I see them scheduled throughout the year)

Anything else you can tell me would be very appreciated. We are typically up in Sebastian area but regularly go down to the keys as well so I want to be strategic to get some fun dive days in.

Along these lines we are also considering a run over to Mayaguana as a big treat for a few days of spearing and fishing and snorkeling for the kiddo, anyone ever been over that way and have advice or good things to say?

Thanks to my Florida friends!!
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