Florida or Hawaii?

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Florida or Hawaii?

Postby Hookin » May 31st, 2017, 8:14 pm

I just graduated from dental school and I am trying to figure out where to live. Thought some people here might have a good idea between these two places. I have my parents and brother in Kona Hawaii and I have my grandma and uncle in Daytona amd Talahasee. I want to live on the coast and be in a family friendly environment. I obviously like the outdoors and hunting, spearfishing, and fishing are all activities I enjoy. Cost of living in Florida is much lower then in Hawaii. I should be able to manage work in both areas but I am a little torn betqeen theae places. Florida appeals to me as its new and has interesting traveling opportunities and different game in comparison to Hawaii. However, Hawaii has family. Plus I am looking for a little adventure before my daughter becomes school age (Shes 18 months). Any advice, recommendations, on either place? Thanks. :)
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