Underwater Hockey SCV

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Underwater Hockey SCV

Postby RyanW » August 10th, 2017, 10:56 am

I just wanted to post about an amazing experience I had with a great group of people!!

I was fortunate enough to spend a few glorious days in Santa Clarita Valley this week. While I was out there I contacted a buddy that plays Underwater Hockey about getting in on a game. He replied immediately and put me in contact with two other players because he wasn't going to be in town this week.

The only piece of gear I had with me in the valley was obviously my speedo, actually my collection of speedos(I would be more than happy to provide a picture of me in a speedo to anyone interested). So because if this I was concerned about being a burden and borrowing gear. This almost gave me an excuse to be lazy and not go but they assured me they had everything I would need and were very encouraging to about getting me to play. If I haven't mentioned yet these guys were incredibly nice and super accommodating I will now...... They were really, really accommodating, welcoming and just all around good guys!

Thomas and Weston had me show up a little early to get me geared up and to explain to me what Underwater hockey even was. They made sure I was prepared for basically everything and stressed playing safely which is an obvious concern. What they didn't prepared me for and as a first time player something that didn't even cross my mind until after playing was what swimming across the bottom of a pool topless can do to your nipples if you're not careful (I can also provide pictures of my nipples if you're interested). I'm fairly competitive when it comes to playing sports so I gave it my all and my nipples and right side suffered for it. My nipples are still there and will likely make a full recovery for those of you that are concerned.

The Moral of the story and the reason I am writing this is to HIGHLY recommend giving underwater hockey a try especially if you live anywhere near Santa Clarita or Los Angeles. Maybe just think about wearing a rash guard the first time.

Underwater Hockey is a BLAST!!

I am not going to post contact info for the guys that you would need to get in touch with to play because I have not asked them if that would be okay. I am pretty sure they are members of this forum and can chime in or comment once they see this post. I would also be more than happy to forward any messages or your contact info to them if you're interested in getting in touch with them.


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Re: Underwater Hockey SCV

Postby db1 » September 18th, 2017, 4:11 pm

pics or video please... sans nipples, though.
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