Ciguatera in Maui

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Ciguatera in Maui

Postby scorpaenichthys » July 12th, 2021, 4:38 pm

Heading to Maui next month and was wondering if anyone has the lowdown on the local ciguatera situation. Obviously roi is off the menu, and my partner is vegetarian so I won't be shooting any big ulua. Just curious if there's anything else I should be cautious about or if there are any particular reefs/parts of the island that are hotter than others. Google has been totally unhelpful--just a bunch of old health department infographics that basically say if it swims, it might have cig.

Thanks in advance!

- Andrew
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Re: Ciguatera in Maui

Postby Jeff Bonisa » July 14th, 2021, 5:06 pm


Lot's of good info on the Facebook Hawaii spearfishing and freediving page. Everything I have read for four years of being here is that Cig builds up as a toxin. You eat fish everyday and you are way more like to get it after Months? Years of doing so. A few fish here and there aren't going to be so hot that you get it. Roi's tend to be carriers but taste so damn good. I have heard that certain places- one on 1 specific area of Maui- tend to be really hot with Cig. The Boyz in the know say to clean the fish outside- if the flies come and land on the fish- good to go, they know. I've followed that and my family and I have never gotten sick. Eaten all kine fish except that Big Ulua I chased in a cave... still looking for that one again... Good luck.

Jeff- Oahu
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