Best shore spearing locations in the world?

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Best shore spearing locations in the world?

Postby spearingsam » May 19th, 2021, 9:44 am


I have a lot of time to spearfish but not a lot of money. This means I am looking for a place where I can easily shore dive so I don't need to hire a boat all of the time. I know this is possible in Bali/ Gilli islands and was planning to spend about a month out there this fall and spear my heart out with some friends. But they are not currently allowing most tourists. Which brings my question:

Where are your favorite spots to shore dive in the US or the rest of the world that don't require a boat? I've been looking in the Caribbean but the reefs are all hundreds of feet offshore.

Bonus if it's a place that is cheap to live in for a month like Bali!
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